Righteous Kill. . .

Two veteran cops, played by two veteran actors Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, pursuing a serial killer in an adrenaline pumping psychological thriller. What else can you ask for?

This John Avnet movie is a story of two NYPD detectives who are up for their retirement. But before they hang their badge they take up one last responsibility of nabbing a serial killer who is killing people with shady past. Culprits, who escaped through the cracks in the judicial system, people who nobody will miss. The killer leaves four lines of poem at every crime scene, justifying the killing and talking about the sins which the victim committed. The two take up the charge to nab the serial killer and their initial findings point towards a man they had put behind bars years ago.



Talking about the performances, nothing less can be expected from these two except perfect and this is what they deliver. At every point of time they portray the roles of veteran detectives very well with all the years of job tension reflecting on their face. One knows that they are the good guys out there to do the right things.



The pace of the movie is good and barring a few exceptions you feel like seeing a real thriller. Everything else about the direction is fine except the element of surprise in the climax. The whole movie is telling you the killer is a cop and you have obvious option in front of you to pick. But then in the movies nothing happens the way it seems, so who is the killer is anybody’s guess.


In a nut shell it’s a good and entertaining movie to watch for all those who love high intensity psychological thrillers. For others it is better to stay off, as they won’t get the point.

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    Treat the warning above you as serious as possible….I also want to say the same thing.

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