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Before I [again] start banging my head about Asia’s biggest and largest B school, one point to make about my writing, they are way to long. If the post or speech which you are making is long then people tend to lose interest, no matter how interesting it is [afterall it’s not a novel or a movie]. It should be as short and crisp as possible. The realization came after reading ‘Sid’ [most of the columnists and articles which I read before that, were like never ending log books] and after attending the recently concluded ‘5th Global HR Summit’ at our college [not by choice but by compulsion, faculty tried to threaten us by every written and unwritten code and by telling us to face grave consequences if we missed it. But I actually wanted to see as to what they had to offer]. There the most interesting speeches were those which lasted for 5-10 minutes at max, so an important lesson learnt.

The HR summit which almost every first sem student attended [reason you already know] is one of the few events which our college organizes. During the 2 days, quite a substantial number of speakers shared their thoughts on a topic which talked about revitalization of HR practices in the corporate world. So far so good, sounds interesting. But alongwith it, the college had other programs as well. Like they gave HR excellence awards to the HRs of some 200 companies. Then there was also a paper presentation episode by a huge number of people.

Listening to the eminent speakers sounded like a scintillating idea, but what they talked about doesn’t actually made lot of sense. Most of them were just talking about what they were doing in their organization to make the employees happy, and everyone was indulging in same practices. What’s the point in listening to same things again and again? Moreover instead of being educative they appeared to be more of ‘promote your organization’ speeches. One of the speaker actually said, I won’t waste your time in telling you what pays and perks we are giving to our employees [the others actually felt bad after listening to this, and it was visible on their face].

The HR summit was not only about speaking professionals and clapping students, there was lot of hard work put in to organize this huge event. Students going to different companies for invitations, for sponsorships and for God knows what all. The people of the IIC [industry interaction cell, something is oddly strange about people involved with IIC. They all act to smart for their shoes, with bad air of superiority all around]  kept on pursuing us for corporate contacts. Then different teams were made, like the escorting, security, hospitality, and the vallet parking team [don’t know what they exactly called it] etc. students in these teams kept running for few days in the college premises and on the D-day we actually saw falling beauties, due to exertion or what?   

All in all, the HR summit was educative, as I learned an important lesson of small speeches and posts. it also taught me how to watch a complete movie on an I-pod while sitting in the audi [I watched The pursuit of Happyness, as I was in it’s desperate pursuit at that time], with seniors ready to haunt you, roaming all around [don’t know what is the problem with these seniors, they are over concerned about everything, even more than the faculty]. And not to mention we did get to know few good things. Then it also solved the college’s main purpose i.e. providing the placements. One faculty member said, 200 HR’s came! Out of them if 150 takes 5 students during final placements then the whole batch is placed and our job is done. Might be this is what HR summit is all about, don’t really know for sure.

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  1. dude…my writings were small only because I am VERY lazy…but this gives me a more plausible reason to keep it short…and it was nice to know of your experience about watching an entire movie on an I-pod….

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