Advani Code III

In the month of July, UPA government was on a brink of fall. After the left withdrew support it went through the vote of confidence. Just 2 months back it seemed that the country will have the next general elections sooner than expected. But the government somehow managed the required numbers and survived. However sooner or later, the country is bound to go for elections which are not very far. The bugle for the campaign had already been blown by the BJP and under the supervision of the old fox Advani they are moving with a good pace.

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Hi everyone. So here I am writing a post after a long time. Had my first taste of exams in MAIT this week [and it wasn’t quite pleasant as I am about to tell]. Seems as though my luck had left me for the entire week. Paper: 1 I reached late [as in REALLY late] so I missed of my paper. Paper: 2 Injured my right hand right outside the college [which resulted into a startling revelation for me: my God-forsaken college doesn’t have a medical centre]. Paper: 3 it went fine but something got into us and we went to a mall in Rajouri Garden. Paper: 4 The previous day’s incident had a profound effect on it [just a complex way of saying that I am not going to make it]. Paper: 5 Attempted without any book or notes. Paper: 6 Fell asleep “studying” for it [and also during the paper]. Paper: 7 [and the last one, for now] Now this was the only paper that I think I did well in [It WAS an English paper].

The week before this had nothing interesting in it for me to write on [again I had gone for only two days]. Except for perhaps the fact that these were the only two days we didn’t bunk a single class [it was about time we got serious]. And I almost forgot about the movie. After Paper: 7, the 10 of us loaded up in a Versa and went for a movie [which was Rock On, a Hindi one after a long time for me]. It was a pretty awesome movie, and would have truly made our day had it not been for the bomb blasts in Delhi [AGAIN]. Looks like Diwali is gonna come a lot earlier this year…  Well that’s it for now… gotta run…



I was not able to choose the topic which will be best for writing so i decided the topic writing only .Think you dounderstood this . This means how to feel when you r writing and steps to encouage writing better.

Writing things enhances your vocabulary skills and make difficult word clear and very very easy to under stand.and for this we have to write things with ourselves.Creativity is the main thing which should be remembered while writing . Your article might be small but it should be creative and original this is the main thing which is liked by readers.Sometimes rather I say most of the times and even some of you also copy the article from internet and directly paste it to your article but it is the wrong way of writing articles It means you r saying lie to yourselves instead you can read and then write your own writing . you may write small but originality is must.small and simple are liked by the readers    For ex :  you can see my this short clear and most of all original .





Shardul – (Class VI student)

Encounters and Truth

Two days back two terrorists were killed by Delhi police in an encounter in the Jamia Nagar area of south Delhi. During the encounter Delhi police inspector MC Sharma, leading the team, also got killed from bullet injuries. The terrorists killed were the alleged people behind last week Delhi serial blast.

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You Don’t Watch The Zohan!!!

When you come out of a theatre after watching Adam Sandler movie, you have good feelings about it. No matter what the movie is about, but it is always going very easy with you and you felt relaxed after watching it. Comedy is something what he does best and this is what he is doing in this action-hairdressing-sex-comedy.

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New Career Path

Being in a B school means listening to never ending lectures and when you are tired of them, then there are more lectures. You also have those special sessions to attend by some guest speaker or by your own DG [director general, well there are other names as well which abbreviates as DG in the college, but I don’t think it is the right place to talk about them].

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The Professional Dress Code!!!

A point to make first, this is the 100th post on zhagdoo. So congrats to all.

The HR summit is a thing of past now, and the college has moved ahead. Something or the other is always happening here and there is plenty to talk about. For instance the college celebrated our DG’s birthday today. Well I don’t think it is the right place to comment on it, nor I have the right comments to make about it, so let us leave it for the time being. But let me take this opportunity to talk about one phenomenon which came to my notice during the HR summit itself. It is about the dressing for a formal event in a B school. Continue reading “The Professional Dress Code!!!”

Boredom, Bunks and Business Plans…

Looks like this is going to turn into a fortnightly series…well better get started then.

As you might have guessed, the last two weeks were full of boredom and lots of bunks. Boredom, because I personally can’t handle a routine. I need to have a change every now and then else I just go crazy [You can ask any of the fellow writers here, they know it pretty well]. So, I went for the only known way of changing your life in college, bunks. Every day, our group of around 10-15 guys would skip the last class [which was just a TUT] and play cricket [not my game, but the only option available in MAIT], which is in fact time well spent. After a couple of days, we started playing with some first year students [who looked like super-seniors] from BBA [our college is actually a campus, comprising MAIT and Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Sciences] , who weren’t exactly good at it. But something made them believe that they are better than us and thus resulted in a bet. After losing two times in a row, the BBA-wale started acting up, and that was the end of our mini-series with them. Continue reading “Boredom, Bunks and Business Plans…”

The HR Summit. . .

Before I [again] start banging my head about Asia’s biggest and largest B school, one point to make about my writing, they are way to long. If the post or speech which you are making is long then people tend to lose interest, no matter how interesting it is [afterall it’s not a novel or a movie]. It should be as short and crisp as possible. The realization came after reading ‘Sid’ [most of the columnists and articles which I read before that, were like never ending log books] and after attending the recently concluded ‘5th Global HR Summit’ at our college [not by choice but by compulsion, faculty tried to threaten us by every written and unwritten code and by telling us to face grave consequences if we missed it. But I actually wanted to see as to what they had to offer]. There the most interesting speeches were those which lasted for 5-10 minutes at max, so an important lesson learnt. Continue reading “The HR Summit. . .”