August 15. . .

By the time I’ll complete this post it’ll be 17th of august. Initially I planned to write something about the 62nd Independence Day, and I did write few lines but nothing much clicked me. Against my perception, it was not easy to write about our independence. It is not that there is nothing to write about, there is lot, but writing those things which have already been written again and again by so many people is not my style [and will try to stick to it].

I gave a lot of thought on what should be written, I explored many options, sat even during the ‘Odd Hours’ to get into some ‘Odd Hour Affair’ but unfortunately nothing clicked. So after 2 days of independence and after Rakhi [not Sawant] is gone [thought about writing another ‘Post-Rakhi-Post’, but selling the same product again is not a good marketing funda], am scribing something here, although am not sure if it I’ll materialize or not. But why is it so difficult to write something about our own independence day?

Telling the truth, I actually don’t know! [I’ve used this ‘don’t know’ phrase so many times now; it appears that I really know nothing]. Independence is something which I can not express in words. Why? If you may think so! This is because I don’t know [see, it’s here again] what independence is about? This is not because I don’t have it [I’ve plenty of it] but may be because I never struggled for it. Independence is a larger than life affair, without which it is not possible to survive. But this realization is not there, untill we don’t have it. For us it is something for granted, our ‘janam sidh adhikar’ [birth right] which no one can deny us.

As said earlier I can not describe independence in meagre words, so let us not try to. Independence Day, is one of the few days on which we re-explore our lost patriotism. We tend to wear tri-colour bands on our hands, or carry a flag in our cars. Listening to some patriotic songs, murmuring ‘Vande Matram’, changing the caption of our orkut profile [from some love bug philosophy] to something pertaining to the mother land. In a nut shell, it is one day when the national feelings are very high and one day when we atleast talk about [and do nothing, like other days] the country.

Although the day has just become a symbolic national holiday, when people have complete independence from the daily chores of work, but still days like these, national symbols [national anthem, national flag, and national song] are not just symbols but our identity. They play an important role of telling us, who we are and where we belong? They tend to unite us, in times of desolation; they tend to shake us, in times of misery; they tend to make us think in times despair [it is going a little overboard I guess]. The point am trying to make here is simple, no matter how much indifferent we become to our country, we still love it. Everytime the national anthem plays we stand [yes there are some ass*****, who do not. It is not about who we are underneath, but what we do define us and fortunately or unfortunately people are becoming aloof from the country]. Everytime we hear ‘Vande Matram’ the blood of the whole body rush, as if in a hurry to reach somewhere.

The Independence Day might have lost its value. It might not be anything more than a holiday meant for kite flying. It might be an occasion providing people an extended weekend, and an opportunity to move out of the city. But still it reminds us [atleast for a brief period of time] about the sacrifices which people made and how after a long hurl of abuses they managed to get it with their blood. It is not just another bank holiday with a dry day [Lage Raho Munnabhai], but a lot more than that, and we should not forget this [don’t know if was able to stick to my style or not? You tell me].

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