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First of all Happy Independence Day! If it is 14th right now then friendly neighbour policy, or else proud to be a Bharatiya.

Studies are something which occupies a major portion of one’s life. Especially in countries like India [you know developing economy, excess of manpower, skill labour available in abundance etc] studies are an easy way to earn one’s livelihood with dignity. So as soon as a child starts speaking we load him with studies.

In one of my earlier post ‘Education’ [http://www.zhagdoo.com/2008/03/16/education/] I have already criticised our education system [nothing new, every frustrated student does this ‘n’ number of times] so will not be doing the same thing again, especially when we have just started a new category ‘College Dayzzzzz’ and a dedicated author ‘Sid’ writing about college life [Chetan Bhagat became famous after writing on the same subject].

With already 3 years of grad spent in a Delhi University college, and now in a business school there is so much to talk about this golden phase of my life. So following on the footsteps of the above two, I think it is worth giving a shot.

This post is about one phenomenon which is very common among students. No matter how hard we try, there comes a time when all the patience and virtue gives up and we fall under the spell of mid session nap. Yes, this is true [which I suppose anyone who has been to college or a school for that matter, already knows] students actually do sleep during classes. Although with every person the frequency and duration of this mid-session nap varies, but barring few Einstein’s almost everyone has enjoyed it.

Your favourite or an interesting [which is very unlikely] subject, interesting teaching style of the teacher, or an interesting teacher herself [remember that hot teacher on whom every boy of the class had a crush], or some desperate/forced situation might prevent you from it. But sooner or later the thirst [to sleep] wins.

The whole idea sounds lot of fun, but frankly speaking it is not! Simply because we are not freely allowed to do so [but then this is the reason which makes it all the more interesting]. There are things which prevent us from sleeping in the class. Like for example A frustrated man who had a fight with his wife in the morning, is standing in front of the class looking for some one, on whom he can spit all his anger, is the most lethal one. However there are few brave ones [among us], who face these lethal warriors and sleep in the class, not with eyes wide open and staring on their face, but with head’s down and eyes closed.

Also not everyone wants to sleep in class, especially at grad and masters level [yes, there are people who are very serious about studies. Actually by this time most of them are serious, except few like me]. It is not done deliberately or for fun, but after fighting a long lost war, students eventually and reluctantly gives up.

A teacher plays very important role in a student’s life. Everything a person does in his/her entire life is because of the teacher. All the credit goes to the guide and here also teachers are big time responsible for getting the students indulged in this leisure activity [ask any student, they will tell you all his/her wrong doings is teacher’s fault]. Some teachers which we have in Asia’s biggest and largest international biz school [largest and biggest! because no one else gives admission to so many students] have magical voice. Trust me, as soon as they start speaking, the mesmerising effect of their voice leaves everyone spell bound and majority of the class is asleep [I know majority is asleep, because it is written on their faces, anyone can tell just by looking].

A piece of advice, if you are actually feeling sleepy in a class, then take some time off to look at the innocent faces of your classmates. There you will see so much desperation to get out and break free. The continuously dropping eyebrows, which have been fighting so hard to remain open, will say everything. And after looking at their sorry conditions you will feel much better.

Then there are also some ‘oh so cool, don’t give a damn’ type teachers. They are not interested as to what is happening among the students, and a napping bird is cool with them, as he is not creating any nuisance in the class. This cool attitude of theirs [which I personally like a lot] inculcates this bad pleasure seeking habit in poor students. This creates problem in classes where the teacher is the frustrated type.

Also after a long and refreshing mid-session nap, you are not in a condition to sleep timely at night. Going to bed late [remember ‘The Odd Hour Affair’?], getting up late, reaching the college late, missing the first lecture, short attendance and frustrating the already frustrated teacher.

So in a nut shell, this mid session nap plan doesn’t sounds very promising idea. Alongwith the loss of study there are other so many problems to be faced. But then life is all about facing problems and fighting them. Taking up new challenges is the essence and to quench the thirst some efforts are need to be done. By the way it is 15th now. Happy 15th of August.

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