Welding stuff, Exploding tires, and more…

Ah my third post…I hoped to make it a weekly ritual to write here, but since nothing much happened last week [mainly because I went to college for only 2 days], so I skipped a post. But one interesting incident did happen, which is that I carried out my first bunk of college [and certainly not the last], and was ragged [for the fifth time] right outside my classroom [talk about irony]. This time, I was made to run around screaming at the top of my lungs, “Baad aa gayi” (it’s flooding). Continue reading “Welding stuff, Exploding tires, and more…”

The ‘B School’

When I completed my schooling, I was completely taken over by the craze of getting into a college. I suppose everyone is. As after spending some 14 years in a school it is the first time that we are stepping out in real world, and perhaps this is the main reason behind all the exhilaration and apprehension. Nevertheless I got into my grad college; [although I hate using the word ‘great’ due to the huge amount of exaggeration it puts into the statement] I had great time.

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August 15. . .

By the time I’ll complete this post it’ll be 17th of august. Initially I planned to write something about the 62nd Independence Day, and I did write few lines but nothing much clicked me. Against my perception, it was not easy to write about our independence. It is not that there is nothing to write about, there is lot, but writing those things which have already been written again and again by so many people is not my style [and will try to stick to it].

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Mid-Session Nap. . .

First of all Happy Independence Day! If it is 14th right now then friendly neighbour policy, or else proud to be a Bharatiya.

Studies are something which occupies a major portion of one’s life. Especially in countries like India [you know developing economy, excess of manpower, skill labour available in abundance etc] studies are an easy way to earn one’s livelihood with dignity. So as soon as a child starts speaking we load him with studies.

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The Saga Continues…

Here’s the rest of my week [which was very LONG] at MAIT, where nothing much happens most of the time. Just running from one class to another [which fulfilled my quota of exercise]. First sem students have the same subjects, no matter what their stream. So everyone was stuck studying the same subjects, namely physics, chemistry, mathematics, ManPro (manufacturing process), ITC (introduction to computer), CS (communication skill) and IST (Impact of Science and technology on society) [the subject’s just keep getting dumber and dumber]. Out of these, physics and maths are just eleventh and twelfth re-revisited [AGAIN]. ManPro could make an interesting practical subject, but theory is just boring as hell. The others don’t even deserve a mention, except chemistry, which is now totally related to environment [ruining an otherwise AWESOME subject]. This was pretty much the routine all week, except Friday.
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First Day, First Show

Today starts a new series, about me and my life in an engineering college. This was my first day at the Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology [I know the name is a mouthful, so no it will be simply referred to as MAIT]. The journey to college could someday have a series of its own, but I’ll get back to it later. As is with all things Indian, our first day was marked by a havan ceremony (a sort of group prayer to God, thanking Him that we got into the college and asking His divine guidance in our 4 long years there) [So much for secularism]. After the flames had been extinguished [and a couple of students fainted from the smoke], began the grand welcoming of the students by various HoDs and the chief guest. After about half of the speech of a Mr. XYZ, only half of the students were left sitting there. Then I too decided to leave the place and perhaps explore the campus. As soon as I had placed one step on the stairs, a group of seniors called to me and I knew it was time for the yearly ritual, ragging [also known as introduction, but mostly by seniors]. Continue reading “First Day, First Show”

The Mummy. . .

The first mummy movie was a new experience, which alongwith action; adventure also provided the spine chilling moments of fear. The second instalment [which in very exceptional cases beats the first one] was definitely far below the previous one, but still was fun to watch. But the third in the series is definitely a big let down to a great start. It is still the same clay and sand movie, The same hunger for the power, same love triangle, same undead armies, same guarding clan and off course if it is Chinese then the point to talk about is definitely immortality [God knows what is Hollywood’s obsession with China and the immortality pill].

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Kinds of Customers

Every market has different types of customers and each new product or service launched, depends highly on the type of market for its success. Not just the demand by the customers ascertain the fate of new entity but also the class to which majority of buyers belong to. There are five categories in which the customers can be classified into:

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