Dramatic 22nd July

The 22nd of July was the ‘D’ Day for the government about which so many speculations were being made. After the dramatic fall of Vajpayee government by one vote, this was the first time when the government faced the no confidence motion. Like last time, everyone was expecting a close finish, and another dramatic result. Although the finish was not that close enough, but yes the day was dramatic.

Off course the much lacking excitement only came after those waving [rupee note bundles]. But why were the MP’s so dramatic in their revelation? Was it just an answer to the PM’s stupid statement ‘Where is the proof [of horse trading]?’ Or was it actually something more? I don’t know if it was to refute the over hyped exclamations of the media about the horse trading price being 25 crores as revealed by Mr. A B Bardhan, or to show the disgust that they are just being offered 3 crores, if the officially declared price is 25. Whatever it might be, but now the speaker is in a fix as to what should be done [although we all know not much will happen] and BJP is battling the authenticity and credibility questions. Nonetheless thanks to all those 3 NDA MP’s who actually took pain to ensure that the show leaves behind everlasting memories and something to talk about later.

To begin with the no confidence motion, who gained what out of it? Why the NDA and BJP especially bring it in the first place, when the unstable unfavourable numbers made their ground so much shaky. Even after all the maths, not for a single day it seemed that the government will fall. As except the NDA nobody was much interested in elections right now, not even those who were responsible for all this drama i.e. the left.

After the government survived the no confidence motion all the hyper active and over dramatic news channels showed Dr. Singh with the infamous ‘Singh is King’ song playing in the background. Next day’s newspapers were all praise for the PM and our political pundits who had named him as the weakest prime minister Bharat has ever had, wrote that from an economist he has fully grown into a shrewd, smart politician. Is it really true? I don’t know if it is or not. But if it is, then what will happen next? Well it is no rocket science, everyone can make out, it will be the judgement day for Dr. Singh. Actually the day Dr. Singh turned into a politician from an economist the higher force [which resides at 10 Janpath] will remove him from the top office [remember PV Narsimha Rao? a politician far above in excellence than Dr. Singh. All know, what happened to him was courtesy, the supreme force]. So Dr. Singh don’t get carried away by the tall claims of the media. Your politics is alive, till you are a novice. Don’t even think of wizening up.

The 22nd of July will also be remembered as the day, when my stint with an MBA college as a student began [this makes the day even more dramatic]. My session 2008-2010 started and this was my first day at college. Now do not ask about the where about and identity of my college, as I do not think revealing the identity on a blog with whole lot of criticism [about the college, which you will read in coming days] will be a good idea [especially if by chance any of the faculty happens to come across it, you know what I mean].

With the long boring orientation, which lasted for 4 [actually almost 5 in our case] not hours but long days, total mismanagement in almost everything which the college administration did and commuting some 40 kms to reach the place, the first day was not at all supposed to be good. But nonetheless the college opened and trust me, after few bad experiences, am now starting to find it good [or is it that I have got used to it? I don’t know, you tell me]. Whatever it is, I guess this stint will leave me with lots of new experiences to write about and to learn from. And I will definitely keep you updated about them. Till then, ‘Singh is King’. 

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