Yesterday- April Fool’s Day

It was the 1st of April yesterday, i.e. the April fool’s day or the all fool’s day. As the name suggests in itself, the April fool’s day is meant for making fool of others and getting fooled by others. The day is marked by hoaxes and playing pranks on friends, relatives, neighbours and even enemies, not to offend but to enjoy.

In our country we also have our own desi style Fool’s Day which is celebrated with a festival which in itself is symbol of mischief. Well you get it correctly it is the festival of colours, Holi; and making fools [the famous ‘Mahamoorkh’ crowning ceremony, and the morning newspaper which has a complete section dedicated to hoax news] is one of the important colours of this colourful festival. Incidentally the date of celebration of Holi also falls more or less near 1st April only. Moreover another thing common to them is about the origin. There is no certain story which tells us about the origin of these customs. Well actually there are few about 1st of April [but I will not be talking about them and if you want to know then Google it, which in any case would have been my source as well] but when it comes to the connection between Holi and hoax, nothing can be said for sure.

As I said earlier the day is meant to enjoy in both the customs [remember ‘boora na mano Holi hai’?] and everyone takes the pranks in the festive spirit. Although, more or less, Holi has this shade, but with all these ‘days’ [be it friendship, valentine’s, mother’s, father’s or any other day] becoming so popular [credit for which goes to Archies] the prank part is not that appealing to the ‘Gen- Y’.

Yesterday I talked to few friends and as it was the April fool’s day, so it surely was the topic of discussion. On asking them kitno ko fool banaya? The reply I got from all of them was zilch. Followed by it, was my other query kitno ne fool banaya? And to this question too the answer was none.

It is not that the day has lost its charm or that people are no longer interested in playing pranks, but the fact is, the day has already been exploited to the extent that people tend to be over cautious when the calendar shows 1st of April. The level of vigil is so high that when someone tells us something unlikely or out of ordinary we are not ready to believe, doesn’t matter even if she/he is telling the truth.

No matter how hard one may try, but making a fool on the fool’s day is becoming more and more difficult. Unless and until you have a full [fool] proof plan, with the preparations of going to a war you can not expect to fool anyone. And this is something which everyone knows. Perhaps thats why very few people and that too seldom give it a.

It seems April fool’s day is one day of the year, when nobody can be funny [by playing pranks and jokes]; no matter how hard they try.

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