Advani- The Administrator?

Google ‘Advani Home Minister’ and five out of the top ten results say ‘Advani was the weakest home minister’. Although these results are the statement of one congress leader which was recently in the news about Mr. Advani’s stint as the home minister and hence do not show any popular belief or common perception, but I was a little surprised. Surprised as they did made an impact!

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The Eye. . .

The most interesting thing which I found in the whole movie is its poster, of a huge human eye and a hand gripping it from inside. Actually the movie is not that bad either and with a runtime of something above 90 minutes it is a mediocre movie. Although I haven’t seen the original 2002 Hong Kong version of ‘The Eye’ but I think it must be doing the justice to the original.

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The Advani Code II- Holi Visit

Last month NDA’s shadow Prime Minister, Mr. L.K. Advani on the morning of Holi went to the house of congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on 10 Janpath. He met her and presented her with his recently launched autobiography ‘My Country My Life’. From there he directly went to the house of Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh.

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Yesterday- April Fool’s Day

It was the 1st of April yesterday, i.e. the April fool’s day or the all fool’s day. As the name suggests in itself, the April fool’s day is meant for making fool of others and getting fooled by others. The day is marked by hoaxes and playing pranks on friends, relatives, neighbours and even enemies, not to offend but to enjoy.

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