Meet The Spartans

Meet the Spartans has nothing to do with ‘Meet the Parents’, and by the promos you must know that it is a spoof of the [digital] blockbuster ‘300’. It is a spoof! Need I say anything more?

Alright it is the story of Spartan king Leonidas [Sean Maguire] and captain [Kevin Sorbo] who alongwith with the army of 13 Spartans [only 13 matched the parameters he asked for] skips to the battle ground to take down the army great Persian King Xerxes [Ken Davitian] which includes Rocky Balboa, Transformers, fierce stepping and lacerating ‘yo mamas’ and what not?

In the meanwhile Leonidas’s slutty queen [Carmen Electra] is in town to take massage, deal with traitor senator and face the council of elders in her short-shorter-shortest toga and stripper heels.

Now what follows after all these ingredients is anyone’s guess. It’s a complete mindless saga supposed to be funny. Well it is actually funny at places. From movie ‘300’ to other movie characters, to celebrities, to reality T.V anything and everything has been ridiculed. Afterall spoofs are meant for this purpose only, so no issues about it.

You can go and watch it, if you want to have some laughs and has nothing else to do, you will enjoy it and if you will watch ‘300’ first, then the experience will be more enjoyable. But one thing is mandatory if you really want to enjoy it, don’t carry your brain along [the practice is synonymous with going for a spoof].

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