My Country My Life

My country my life, is the title of Mr. Advani’s autobiography. The book was recently released in a function which was attended, by everyone from politicians to business men, to actors, to journalists and other socialites. The whole media world was ablaze with speculations regarding the book. Everyone was enthusiastically waiting for it, as all of them wanted to know as to what one of the main architect of modern day politics has to say about issues on which till date he was mum. The Jinnah episode, the Kandahar crisis, his relationship with Atalji, the man has so much to talk about. Although I still do not know as to how much the book beholds about all these?

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By the time this post will be posted, the festival of colours would be over. All the enthusiasm, fun, energy and mischief associated with it will be lost and the only thing to remain will be patches of different colours on different parts of your body. For those like me, who are die hard fan of this festival, must be finding it really hard to get back in their normal skin colour and complexion. With experience you must know that it will take another day or two to return to the original colours, so don’t worry.

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We Own The Night. . .

This James Gray movie is the story of two brothers Joseph [Mark Wahlberg] and Bobby [Joaquin Phoenix], one a cop and the other running a night club. Bobby has deserted his family name and legacy of being a cop, to own a night club. He spends his nights with his eye candy girlfriend [Eva Mendes] indulging in alcohol, drugs, gambling. Their paths coincides when their father Burt [Robert Duvall] who is also a cop, alongwith Joseph asks Bobby for information about Vadim, member of a dangerous Russian criminal underworld. Now will Bobby help his family or side up with Vadim? Will Joseph take on his own brother in order to crack down the mafia? All these questions are answered in the movie in a very swift and suave manner.
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Education. . .

By any chance have you ever read any of the movie reviews I have written? If not then take out some time to read them, and if possible try to check out the reviews of the same movies published somewhere else. After going through this exercise you will be able to note a peculiar thing about all of them. Well actually it is not certain if you will actually be able to note the peculiarity in it, although you must have noted the point earlier also. To ease the things, let me tell you about it. Each review of every movie says the same thing about it. If they say the movie is good then all find it good and if they say the movie is waste of time and money then all of them find it useless scum.

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What will happen Next?

For too long the voice of Pakistani people was unheard. For too long the people were objected to tyranny and oppression. For too long the situation kept on deteriorating and for too long the people had given up hope. But with the exiled leaders coming back to the country and things taking different turn, of lately a new ray hope started to appear. And then in the final week of the final month of last year, the former premier of Pakistan Mrs. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. The assassination was at a time when Pakistan was finally heading towards democracy.

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NEWS-Never Ending Whiner’s Society

With infinite number of news channels, hardly a day passes without getting their glimpse or two. Going by the genre, currently news channels take the lead and the trend is here to stay. Media or electronic media, to be precise enough, has gone through a rapid transformation. Just a few years back from only hourly news on Doordarshan to 24X7 news channels, the leap has been immense and praise worthy for sure. And going by the popular perception this is good news. Getting to know what is happening in and around the world and that too not just from a government mouth piece is something for which anyone can vie for. With newspapers a little time consuming and radios a little obsolete, one definitely prefers a quick bite on the television.

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10,000 B.C. . .

Going for an epic movie always keeps me excited. After ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Gladiator’, ‘Lord Of the Rings’ enchanted me so much that it just need a tag of epic movie for me to watch any crap [am a Lord of the Rings fan, till the very last breath and can’t have enough of it no matter how many times I watch it]. And frankly speaking it’s an obsession about which I regret a lot, just because it takes me to a movie hall to watch crap stuff like ‘10,000 B.C.’

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Vantage Point. . .

Telling a conventional story with different perspectives is not something new. But it is different and it is rare. So this very fact makes one curious to check out what the movie is all about. The Vantage Point narrative is about the attempted assassination of the president of US, and the same attempt is shown from five different perspectives.

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