The ‘V’ Day

It just happens by shear chance, that we set out to find something and ends up finding something else. Yesterday I was at the Archie’s, looking for a birth day card for a friend. Although the hunt for the card didn’t went down very well, but I came across one guy purchasing some cards. There was something interesting about the purchase which he was making, as he was asking the salesman if he will get any discount on buying a dozen cards of the same lot [initially I thought he was on the annual card shopping spree]? He eventually bought a whole pack of cards saying ‘SORRY’.

Quite unusual! But then after some time, it struck me as to why he bought a dozen cards saying sorry. Well for those who have not figured out till yet, he was trying to mend the mistakes which he made on 14th of February at some 12 different places with some 12 different people or girls as I should rather say. Poor chap, very unlucky and highly desperate! Can’t say anything more for him.

I don’t know if he got what he was looking for on 15th [although he never got what he desired for on 14th] or not? But I got some stuff to talk about this highly talked about day. What Valentines day symbolises we all know, and in the past few years a lot of buzz has been created by it. Infact now the month of february is know by this date only. different people have different opinion about the day. Some says this is because of all the economics associated with it, others say unnecessary hype. For some it is the result of globalization and shrinking world, and for some another way of ruining our youth and maligning our culture. Then there are the oh-so cool and not affected sort of also. Can’t say what exactly it is?

Around the city at different places the signs of Valentines Day celebrations were clearly visible. The usual decorations, balloon-walas selling red coloured heart shaped balloons [one was even carrying black heart shape balloons for all the ‘Diljaley’ people], florists laden with beautiful flowers, red roses and heart shaped bouquets. Love was in the air and couples were on the streets in more than the usual number. At K’Nags, the scene was not very different either, infact being in the proximity of the DU’s north campus, the environment was totally hip-n-happening. Apart from the usual stuff there was something else very interesting there, i.e. the Shiv Sainik’s carrying out their usual protests against the celebrations [it is unfair if we don’t talk about them, when we are talking about Valentines Day].

All the protesters were in jeans, bare chest braving the cold rushes of the wind [kudos to them for daring the chill morning weather]. They were hurling their slogans to mark their presence and the cops were enjoying the show with some gossiping going on between them. We all wonder as to why these people create so much noise about something, about which no one else has any problem?

To this once an RSS ‘Pracharak’ [full time workers, who leave their homes for the RSS work, and are very much respected in the Sangh circle] told me that we do not have any problem with a lover’s day, infact one of the most popular Hindu god Krishna, himself is a character of love. According to our mythology, the complete month of ‘Fagun’ is like a lover’s month. But we do have our grudge against westernising the youth. Love is an intimate feeling between two individuals; it is not something to be made public. We are not against the celebration of love, but against people becoming public display units [PDU’s] in order to imitate the west. The western countries are different from ours. They have their own culture, values and we respect them. But copying them in name of development, or trying to behave like them to be called modern is something very shallow. We are against this mentality.

Very well said Mr. Pracharak! May be someday others will also think in the same manner. Till then the celebrations for the Valentines Day will keep on getting bigger and better, providing newspapers with lot of material to write, florists to make a kill by selling a single rose for even 100 bucks and not to forget the Sena people to protest about.

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