Muslims and Mulaahs Part1

we often in our busy day to day life often read, see or listen about islamic education being given to students in madrassa and students there being deprived of elementary education, but we hardly dare to think that why?

I spent few years in a small town of Uttar Pradesh, India densely populated with muslim families and had this opportunity to closely observe the way things are happening in madrassa’s and pitiable conditions in which these islamic schools are running. I once had this opportunity to communicate with one of the muslim clerics and inquired about such conditions of these institutions and the answer i recieved was quite surprising. the cleric replied that they are not interested in the financial aid given to them by the goverment.

The question now is why? why in this world somebody say no to money, I setback and tried to analyze this quite strange statement. the possible reason i drew for such a statement was that may be the mullahs might fear accepting the grant from goverment may force them to incorporate whole new syllabi and they may found it difficult to impart islamic knowledge and philosophy into the younger blood . Moreover if a new education system is incorprated it will be hard to prepare young fresh warriors of islam ready for jihad.

One more important issue in incorporating government checked sylabbi may be books printed in hindi and english, and uncountable refferences made to hindu literarture in those books.

There may be this doubt that students will get more involved in hindu dharm happenings rather than concentrating on islamic issues. students might be more into Diwali and Holi rather than Ramzan.

whatever may be the reason but one thing is crystal clear mullahs do not want any muslim fellow youth to be distracted by hindu religion from being an islamic extremist but can theese mullahs stop airwaves with essence of ram spreading in whole country like fire in jungle. Can mullahs stop those little muslims watching ramlilas in there localities and can they stop sounds of aarti and prayers entering there ears.
No they can not. There are few things such clerics should understand that in Republic of India they can’t run from Ram and Krishna but can not hide from there essence and i know even many muslims too understand this. So, for a better and bright future of there own blood these clerics should keep there personal interest aside and work for betterment of society.

I am not ending my post over here i still have few things to say about mullahs, muslims, and my experiences with them and the facts and rumors all is yet to come, but scarcity of time doesn’t allow me to jot down everything here so i have decided i will come out with it in series.

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