The Eternal Truth


Although the Sethu Samudram project controversy had never lost its steam, but as soon as it had started taking a back seat in people’s ultra short lived memory, new developments took place which once again stirred the whole situation up and added that extra spice to the whole recipe. The whole drama of government submitting the affidavit stating that Ram never existed and then withdrawing it, unfolded in such a manner that it was nothing less than a complete Bollywood masala pic in itself.

After all these developments, the whole issue took a new and all together different turn. The fresh face of the controversy is much more radical and far more sentimental then the original one. Originally all the hue and cry was about the practicability of Sethu Samudram project, the route which should be taken to implement it, its economic viability, ecological concerns, loss of the huge thorium reserves etc. In my earlier post “Do we really need Ram Sethu?” ( I too tried to talk about the various after effects of this scheme which under no circumstances looks to be very promising, as various experts view them, and which we are bound to face sooner than later.

But now everything has changed. The government being so much adamant to implement the project that it overlooks all the repercussions of this project, and in this bid of theirs to execute their not so fruitful plans, they have even put a question mark even on the existence of Sri Ram.

Whether the government should continue with project or not? Which of the proposed alignment “4 or 5” should be taken? Will the project be harm for to the marine parks or not? Is it economically a wise investment? Whether the government will be able to raise the huge amount of funds required for its completion? Will it prove to be nothing more than a burden on the country’s economy? Who will compensate for the huge amount of thorium, capable of solving country’s nuclear fuel problem, being lost? We, the government, or any of the political parties are not in a position to comment on them. All these questions and many more like these are to be answered by the experts and right now the experts fail to arrive at a common consent. For some the project promise lot of economic spin-off, but for others these spin-off will do more harm than good. But the question right now is not about what the experts feel? It certainly is not about their split decision either. The question right now is also not whether Ram Sethu was manmade or not? The question here is about the question mark which the government has put on the very own existence and the authenticity of Ram.

The affidavit which they submitted in the apex court just shows the shallow mentality of the people in the government. They might have withdrawn it after looking at the public rage. After all the criticism and in an attempt of not upsetting the Hindus of the country, the government might have even sacked the ASI officials, which they claim to be responsible for submitting the affidavit. They might have even tried to brush it off by calling it as a mere mistake. But all these are trivial cover ups, just a fig leaf unable to cover the government’s naked truth which has been exposed on more than one occasion. Doesn’t the government’s decision to ask the apex court for a three months time to reconsider the various aspects of the Sethu Samudram project is a clear indication that things were done in haste earlier and there exists unexplored dimensions to this project.

Hearing such irresponsible, immature, foolish and reckless comments from the government of the world’s largest democracy, and that too in the country’s highest institute of law, exhibits the negligence which the government has towards the 80% of the population of Bharat.

Ram was no ordinary man, and it is certainly not because of no reason that he is called as “Maryada Purshottam”. The way he affects the life of each and every Hindu living or dead is vast and no other factor on the face of this earth can do so. It certainly is not because of no reason that “Ram naam satya hai” is enchanted at the time when a man faces biggest truth of one’s life; death.

Ram was, Ram is and will always remain an eternal truth which no force on this earth can deny. Like the sun needs no certificate from darkness to prove it has light, Ram too need no credentials from a section of people who in view of their appeasement of a special section, have even forget about their moral, cultural and traditional values. If dog can not see colours, doesn’t mean that the world is black and white. If bat lives in dark caves, doesn’t mean there is no light in the world. If the government needs scientific proof to believe in the existence of Ram, doesn’t mean Ram is nothing more than a myth, afterall Ram’s name is the eternal truth, “Ram naam satya hai”.

4 thoughts on “The Eternal Truth”

  1. i agree to each and everything you said in this post, this is so true… people like Sonia Gandhi(the uncrowned queen), Manmohan Singh (the puppet wazir), Karuannidhi(nothing more than a fool) believe what they see is true but the truth is this that they are not ready to see the ultimate truth…
    you talk about some science about ram above, but as far as i am consider Ram is a much greater science and definitely require more understanding and belief which can not be even reached with combined knowledge and faith of UPA’s educated illiterates.
    RAM is an icon for any human being…
    He is the greatest motivational factor for living life and going to any extent to support the rightful.
    Tell me how many of us can sacrifice 14 years of their youth in jungles and more importantly power of being the king for betterment of mankind.
    As far as any true follower of SANATAM DHARAM is considered even doubting the RAM identity is a crime because he is with us. RAM for us is synonym to truth and as you said RAM is “THE ETERNAL TRUTH”.

  2. very well written…absolutly grt work….”ram naam satya hai” really stirs you!! never thought of this frm this aspect…u really showed another viewpoint…great going zhagdoo….

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