Gujarat’s ‘New’ Big Bang


With a bang, Tehelka came up with its sting on Gujarat riots and with a bigger bang two news channels gave it a prime time slot. Well the banging did not stop here, in fact it was just the beginning, and what followed was banging of every ones head, in order to get something out of this new big bang. Continue reading “Gujarat’s ‘New’ Big Bang”

Proof of Life!!!

United Nations recently declared the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi as the international non violence day. From this year onwards 2nd October will no longer be only a Bharatiya holiday, but it will also remind the world of the principals for which the whole mankind should stand, the direction in which everyone should work and the ultimate goal which we all long to attain; non violence.

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Who was Jinnah?

As soon as we hear the name Muhammad Ali Jinnah, popularly known as Jinnah, the picture of a person whom we consider utterly Muslim communal and hold responsible for one of the biggest tragedy in the history of Bharat; partition, comes to our mind. But actually who was Jinnah? Was he such a big follower of Islam and biased towards Muslims? Was he so much communal in nature? Was he the only living soul alive at that time responsible for partition? Continue reading “Who was Jinnah?”

The Eternal Truth


Although the Sethu Samudram project controversy had never lost its steam, but as soon as it had started taking a back seat in people’s ultra short lived memory, new developments took place which once again stirred the whole situation up and added that extra spice to the whole recipe. The whole drama of government submitting the affidavit stating that Ram never existed and then withdrawing it, unfolded in such a manner that it was nothing less than a complete Bollywood masala pic in itself.

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