Stung with Stinking Sting

Just a few days back the newspaper carried a story of 3 alleged blackmailers being arrested by the police, who were trying to extort money from 3 Jharkhand MPs. But they were not like any other blackmailers. They were special as their modus operandi included sting operations. They purposely tried to get the MPs involved in some way or the other so that they can carry out their so called sting operation, and then demanded money from them in return of keeping their sting away from public. Same day there was another news item Continue reading “Stung with Stinking Sting”


In my “Post Rakhi Post” I talked about the few things which are synonymous with this bhai-behan ka tyohar, one of them being the huge number of cars with women drivers (WMD) on the road. Almost every week there is some article or the other in some leading newspaper about Delhi cabs will be soon having WMD (not weapons of mass destructions), and how women are more responsible than male drivers. Then we also see articles about how the capital treats the women driving all alone, by giving those odd glances. So this post is about the WMD on the road and a few (quite odd) experiences which I have had with them. I won’t be surprised if after reading this post, some of you especially females, may regard my views as gender racist (don’t know even if it’s a valid term or not?), but let me tell you that these are real life experiences without any fabrications. Continue reading “WMD’s”

Dress Code…

Yesterday i had gone with a friend to this Cafe Coffee Day outlet ..or CCD.. as it is popularly known at Connaught place (or CP)..that is the heart of the heart of India. We were sitting n doing exactly what everyone else was…sheer time pass!! There was this couple sitting right in front of us n had ordered a grilled sandwich, which was brought…n then finally the first bite was taken after some 15 mins..n i always thought ‘grilled’ sandwich was to be had at least warm if not hot…sheer time pass as i said!! Continue reading “Dress Code…”

History of Violence

Kabhi Na bhool divide and rule. My history teacher once told this phrase to the class while teaching some lesson on British rule. She told us that it was the British who sow the seed of hatred among Hindus and Muslims. It was they who inculcated this hatred to keep their Raj intact. It was the British who first introduced our country to communal violence. Before the British came to our country, no one really worked on religious lines. Before the British came, Hindus and Muslims always lived happily together and bla bla bla. In a nut shell there used to be the golden days of Hindu Muslim unity and how peace prevailed everywhere. But, doesn’t some time all these claims made by almost every intellectual and historian of our country looks very hollow? Doesn’t it feel as if these are nothing more than few of the other myths about our history? Doesn’t it seem as if the reality is hiding somewhere out there? Doesn’t it appear as if we are deliberately turning a blind eye towards the truth? It certainly does to me, atleast.

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During the days of my Graduation, i was living away from home and in my college campus in suburbs of a small city in Uttar Pradesh. My college a Christian minority institute was located in a densely populated Muslim town, with a population of approximately 8000 students from each corner of this grand subcontinent, mine institute was the main source of living for the local Muslim and non muslim population. Continue reading “NOT OUR NATION”


“We are friends to our kids…we say no for nothing”…okay…so thats how u sum up a friend’s job?? This “parents r like friends” theory doesn’t really set into me…

Parents today take the path of saying no to nothing, just in order to stay in control…or atleast claim that they are the ones in control..

“We are friends to our kids…we say no for nothing”…okay…so thats how u sum up a friend’s job?? This “parents r like friends” theory doesn’t really set into me…
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