Religion For Mankind

We Indians are living in a state where religion always draw some forbidden lines, it has been creating barriers within the people, post 92 era has seen unmatched tension between muslim and hindu clergy. Operation Blue Star in golden temple saw murder of then prime minister Indira Gandhi and what followed is known by every sikh, but here i am not writing about how religion is causing arguments and anger to develop what i am about to write is a very pleasing truth.

For a past few months it has been seen in various parts of countries how religion and various strong religious people are trying to help people and mankind in general. Most of people who will be reading this blog must be knowing about increasing suicide in the beautiful Kashmir valley. Kashmiris were commiting lots of suicide, to stop the trend muslim clergy there started special emotional camp after friday afternoon prayer to help people not happy with life emotionallly. moreover chief Muslim Cleric in kashmir issued a Fatwa against those who attempt suicide.

In Punjab a strong Sikh Clergy Akali Takht issued Hukumatnama against those who practise female foeticide, Reason behind is simple dropping sex ratio in punjab and betterment of mankind.

I guess, people might know clergy in Vatican does not allow use of condoms but still some christian clergy in African and Asian Countries advice people to have safer sex to avoid the risk of getting infected with HIV Virus. For years now some Hindu organizations have been giving counselling to people to how to live a better life and how to be happy in difficult scenarios.

I guess if all strong religious leader and our beloved politicians get inspired by theese examples, this world be a better place to live in.

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