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Standing For the Right – Is It Injurious??

Moving in, with another question once again. You must be wondering that why do I have so much of complaints about the people those who do not stand for what is right? Well, the answer is not so tricky and… Continue Reading →

Live–In – Results in Unsuccessful Marriage

Ever since I have started writing here, I have always wanted to express my opinions on the topic of live-in relationships. It is certainly the most popular and strongly accepted fact that live-in relationships are disastrous if they don’t reach… Continue Reading →


Is it correct to have a set opinion on people and things? For example people thinking that people from a certain area would behave in a certain way . Not just an area . Be it Religion, class , caste… Continue Reading →


Punctuality- Do you think that people think it as a virtue or a weakness. I think it is a virtue .

Freedom – how do you weigh it???

Freedom is generally judged on two parameters mental as well physical freedom. Physical freedom is something which is now a day’s rested with everyone on this planet.

Law – How Much It Goes For Law Protectors??

Well I’m completely pissed of hearing and reading discussions about passing laws and their proper execution. Whatever law is passed is highlighted to be for the benefit of citizens. Also Indian government thinks that whatever law has been passed whether… Continue Reading →


Reincarnation is a thing that is very much debated upon by the people . What do you think? Do people have reincarnations? I think that people do reincarnate .

Something I Don’t Understand

Top most restaurants and food chains promising taste and quality for money when it comes to food is almost set in every second street of a city. But I guess no one would have been spared of being victim of… Continue Reading →


The mind is the greatest friend of a person and it can also be the greatest enemy if it is left untamed . There are many things that can go wrong if a person does not tame his mind .

Eve Teasing – On A Heavier Note

Many a times we come across debates on rapes and sexual assaults but an active debate on eve-teasing is something missing out of scene.


India has the highest population as compared to many other countries that we find in the world . The high population is a thing that India is trying to control . But ironically we see that in India sex is… Continue Reading →


I get really very amazed when I get to hear of people who do not care about other things when it comes to money .

The Perception About Beauty Is Now Distorted

Nature has bestowed everything to human being. Be it senses to think and act, mental ability to be an intellect, or a wonderful appearance which we describe as beauty..What is beauty??I’m not talking about something that gets developed inside but… Continue Reading →

Ghosts – For Me They Exist

In my college or school days whenever I used to have a discussion about the existence of ghosts and supernatural powers, I used to defend my strong opinion about the myths associated to these wrong notions of ghosts and spirits.

Sex Education In India –Why Oppose???

At present times, where we come across repeated rape cases and legal claims of physical harassment, Sex Education is a crucial matter to be considered.

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