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Rise In Divorce Cases – What Is The Reason?

It is really sad to notice that the cases of divorce are raising high and the possibility of marriages reaching the stage of divorce is 50%. These include the marriages which couldn’t be saved. Read more

Brand Ambassadors – How do they help?

Switching on the TV and watching celebrities promoting various products and brands is a regular deal. The trend of impressing the celebrities promoting a product and boasting about its usability have stopped affecting me. I can’t make up as to where do the sense of business lies by choosing to invest so much money in placing a popular face with their product. Read more


Whenever I see people in the west availing of the things like 911 and other such things , I think why does these things not operate in India? If you think these things are actually very important. I do not think that there are any valid reason why people in India cannot avail of these things . Read more

Smoking Ban In Public Places – What After that?

Smoking is considered to be one of the biggest social evil. It is one such habit that not only affects the addicted but also those who stays nearby. Considering the ill-effects of smoking, the ministry of health and the department of family welfare passed a law banning the unsocial act of smoking inn public places. The law carried a ban against the cigarettes and all the other tobacco products that will make the smokers incapable of smoking anywhere they want. Read more

Are Women Emotionally Weaker than Men??

Women are always considered to be the weaker sex by men when compared physically. But does this also stands true when women is compared to men on the emotional grounds. People often say that women are emotionally weaker than men. Well, I think this is untrue as women may be emotionally more expressive than men but is certainly not weaker than them. Read more


Thinking about the status of women , I do not know why people think that women are inferior to men . Men to a certain extent tend to think that women are inferior to them .What makes them think so ? What is it there in woman or about woman that make them inferior to men ? What infact do men have that they think that they are superior? Read more

What Makes You Argue???

Arguments are a part of our life. Though it changes topics, matter or the person you are arguing with but the intention of arguing is always the same. It is to prove your point right and defeat other person’s belief on the same issue. I don’t guess that there is any such field or relationship which is spared from the blows of arguments. Be it on a professional or on a personal front, arguments always remain a part of the story. Read more


Is it correct to send people away to old age homes ? Can you think of sending your grandparents or any close old people away to an old age home ? Read more