Something I Don’t Understand

Top most restaurants and food chains promising taste and quality for money when it comes to food is almost set in every second street of a city. But I guess no one would have been spared of being victim of food poisoning and stomach troubles after having food even from a reputed and popular food chain. Continue reading “Something I Don’t Understand”


India has the highest population as compared to many other countries that we find in the world . The high population is a thing that India is trying to control . But ironically we see that in India sex is considered a taboo. People in India are not that open when it comes to talking about or discussing about sex. Continue reading “WHY IS SEX A TABOO IN INDIA?”

The Perception About Beauty Is Now Distorted

Nature has bestowed everything to human being. Be it senses to think and act, mental ability to be an intellect, or a wonderful appearance which we describe as beauty..What is beauty??I’m not talking about something that gets developed inside but am talking about the physical appearance and outlook of a person. Continue reading “The Perception About Beauty Is Now Distorted”

Ghosts – For Me They Exist

In my college or school days whenever I used to have a discussion about the existence of ghosts and supernatural powers, I used to defend my strong opinion about the myths associated to these wrong notions of ghosts and spirits. Continue reading “Ghosts – For Me They Exist”

I Have To Agree That Men Can Cook Better Than Women

Gone are the days when Men used to enter the kitchen to just taste and look at what is being cooked for their meal?? The question that man cook or not have finally received a convincing answer that yes they can cook but the never ending argument who cooks better is still left unresolved. Continue reading “I Have To Agree That Men Can Cook Better Than Women”

Recession – Are The Indian Employers Taking Undue Advantage?

Recession has spread its heat all over the world and India is also not left as an exception. Yes, it’s absolutely true that India suffers the impact of recession or we can say a ‘slowdown’ but it would be absolutely wrong to say that ‘India is facing recession’. Continue reading “Recession – Are The Indian Employers Taking Undue Advantage?”

Men And Women – Are They Equal???

There have been a number of discussions questioning on the equality of men and women. If this question would have been asked few decades back when woman was actually confined to the home management and were not allowed to express herself rightly, my answer would have been ‘No, they are not equal’. But today the way woman is living in this so called man’s world I can say that they both are equal. Without being biased I want to put forth certain points that will prove my point convincingly and I hope everyone will agree to them… Continue reading “Men And Women – Are They Equal???”

Students Reservation Quota – Is It Fair????

Reservation quota is commonly practiced way of helping SC/ST students in getting admission in the top and high quality education institutes and universities. Is it justified to snatch the bright career opportunities of the deserving candidates who couldn’t get a seat in the top rated institutes just because the seats are reserved for the students coming from backward classes? Continue reading “Students Reservation Quota – Is It Fair????”

Life after death

Is there a Life after Death??? May sound interesting to those who like the discussion on mysteries and often think about another world of existence. Well, many of us do not believe about continual existence of life after death as it is said that life ends with the discontinuation of one’s physical existence on this planet. If given a deep thought we can find it true and supportive with facts as how can a human being continue living after death if his physical presence is no more present. Continue reading “Life after death”