Bulldogs HKV – avoid please!!!

Although with extra thick skins, the potato was decent enough to tingle the taste buds, but garlic bread was too bland and too dry to eat. Everytime I took a bite of it, felt I was chewing a piece of dry rubber.

I have been to Hauz Khas Village (HKV) on a number of times but never in the wee hours of night. As far as my limited knowledge about Delhi’s nightlife goes HKV is the closest thing you have in Delhi. With street food, clubs, restaurants, bars, lounge, live music and young crowd, even CP (the ultimate Mecca for all things in Delhi) can’t beat it. So a visit was long overdue to see what the fuss is all about; and on Saturday night I, Akki Boy & Rauuul landed there after having lip-smacking rolls at Rajender Da Dhaba in Safadarjung (for all those who are clueless about Rajinder da Dhaba, please google it, as this one is about HKV)Continue reading “Bulldogs HKV – avoid please!!!”