For every world-class city with harsh vehicle control measures you quote, each one of them boasts of an equally world-class public transport system. The day public transport becomes reliable, approachable and usable people will voluntarily give up their vehicles for travelling. For using public transport right now is nothing less than winning a war, and nobody wants to fight one daily.

Delhi MetroCome 1st January 2016 and Delhiā€™s traffic and pollution woes will be over. After successful implementation and tremendous results in Beijing, AAP ki Sarkar has decided to implement #oddevenformula for traffic rationing in Delhi. For meager mortals who still do not know, as per this formula cars with odd number will be driven on odd dates and even number plates will move on even dates. Logic of AAP ki Sarkar, number of vehicles will be halved hence pollution will be halved. Continue reading “#oddevenformula”