Where is Independence?

When America won war of Independence from British, George Washington was faced with a pertinent question; ‘How to run the country?’ to which he came up with a simple answer, we will do everything opposite to what British did. Nehru-Gandhi faced the same question in 1947 to which they came up with a simpler answer we will continue to do what British did.

This Independence day, I saw a short film featuring actors Manoj Bajpayee and Ravina Tandon. For those of you who missed it, a helpless husband in a road accident trying to save his wife enters a restaurant full of foreigners, where the manager and staff beats him up and throws him out. Outside the restaurant reads a sign ‘Dogs and Indians are not allowed’, a message what life would have been, if we were still British colony. Then it shows they are being welcomed and treated like king in same restaurant because we are living in Independent India. If this is all independence is about, then I guess money has a huge role to play in it, because if a street poor today trying to save his wife in a road accident enters a restaurant and behaves the way Bajpayee did, then his fate wont be different from Bajpayee’s. Where is independence in it? Continue reading “Where is Independence?”

An eye for an eye doesn’t leave the whole world blind!!!

People argue against death penalty while sitting in plush restaurants sipping expensive wine and savouring on their favourite CHICKEN TIKKA (irony dies a slow death here). I am not against non-vegetarianism; I myself every now and then enjoy my butter chicken. Nor am I saying killing human is equivalent to killing a chicken or lamb or goat for that matter; but why not?

On 30th July 2015, at the age of 53 Yakub Memon was hanged amidst a lot of brooha; the hanging stirred an age-old debate, a debate about whether death penalty should be there; add to it this time if death penalty of Yakub Memon was nothing but a political agenda of a radical government, specifically targeting Muslims.

First things first as it reminded me of a debate on euthanasia and death penalty during my college and rest other politically correct topic in another post. Continue reading “An eye for an eye doesn’t leave the whole world blind!!!”