Surviving the Work Place . . . Look Buzy – Take it Easy !!!

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Once you are out of college, you begin with a new chapter of life, initially everyone is excited about it, thinking about the money and stuff. But sooner than later everyone starts fighting a war of survival, which is not easy to win. So there are few basic things to be kept in mind with which you can adapt to those difficult times to survive; follow these, and your life will be much easier. Continue reading “Surviving the Work Place . . . Look Buzy – Take it Easy !!!”

Riding with Bharatiya Rail!!!

It was around four and a half hour train ride from Shanghai to Taizhou, and while on it I remembered my last train ride in India, which wasn’t a long time ago, some two months back when I went to Mumbai to attend a business exhibition. Personally speaking I prefer traveling by train more than an airplane or by bus. But if it is a short distance of some 4-5 hours, then I like driving there. Continue reading “Riding with Bharatiya Rail!!!”

That long forgotten feeling of Security!!!

One after another 3 bomb blasts rocked Mumbai in a matter of dozen minutes. Another sad day, which took away 18 lives so far and left many undead, another anniversary to mourn, another candle march to observe; just another day in the life of Bharatiyas. Continue reading “That long forgotten feeling of Security!!!”