Where is Swami Ramdev?

Since Swami Ramdev started appearing on television, teaching yoga in his own style and preaching masses, one thing has been his style statement; being awfully vocal. He has opinion on everything and he never hesitated in airing them. He preached and commented not only on medicine, Ayurveda or Yoga; but also on corruption, nation building, democracy and everything else. This sometime drew sharp criticism, even mockery and contempt from the so-called intelligentsia. It made him joke of the day and more often than not took away the gravity of the situation. Then again this is a part of his personality, a piece of his charisma and you can’t separate it from him; or just because of this one habit of being loud you can’t undermine the good things he talk about; things that makes absolute sense, things which are for greater good and things which are need of the hour. Continue reading “Where is Swami Ramdev?”

We, Forgiving and Forgetting Indians!!!

3 years ago our company launched a product, since then it is facing some major quality and service issues and has nearly bombed in the market. This year with some significant changes in it we are trying to revive it; last week I was discussing with few of our major distributors about it. They were complaining about the bad performance, service and blah blah and were not ready to give it another shot. One of our regional managers then said “India mein toh logon ko bhoolna ka shauk, poorani batein bhool jayo” (in India people are fond of forgetting things, forget about past experiences); forgetting and forgiving is one of the major common traits that we Indians share. Continue reading “We, Forgiving and Forgetting Indians!!!”

Knowing Babanomics…

In my last post the point of contention was simple, was or was not the action during midnight on peacefully protesting, sleeping and innocent Bharatiyas by the government wrong? May be Swami Ramdev is not that innocent as he claims, may be his demands are naïve and his methods wrong; but what happened on Saturday night was wrong, brutal and for that the government and those in power should be held accountable. Continue reading “Knowing Babanomics…”

The joke is on us. . .

I still remember talking with a friend, after I watched the hit movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ [starring Aamir Khan] about why I didn’t like the movie. The point of my debate was, in a democracy like Bharat, hurting innocent sitting on peaceful protest and killing them by declaring them terrorist does not happen. We are not living under the British rule, and a democratic government should not and could not pull anything like this. Today I stand corrected, it happens and it happens in world’s largest democracy, India. Continue reading “The joke is on us. . .”