Thought for Food!!!

For someone like me, who had never been to South India before, travelling there was like exploring a different country. People look different, they speak different language, they dress differently, they have different culture, the food is different, billboards have different faces, climate is different and had it not been to the general piles of garbage, broken roads, chaos and the usual crowd it is impossible to make out that you are still in India. Continue reading “Thought for Food!!!”

Gods Own Country!!!

Writing about travel escapades, is the only thing which is keeping me linked with writing these days. They are easy to write, you have lot of material on hand, and if actually you did some research before writing it, then it was on vacation. All in all I see no reason why I shouldn’t become a travel writer; but then let us save it for some other time. Anyways this one is about a short trip to God’s own Country, Kerala. Continue reading “Gods Own Country!!!”