Mauritius Trip- I

ъглови легла с ракла

For past two hours I am staring in blank, tried ‘n’ number of different ways to write it; but my mind completely deprived of any thought would not let me. It is already 3 at night in India, and my brain functioning hours have long been over [time at night during which my brain activity is at its peak, if you don’t know about it then read ‘The Odd Hour Affair’] and still there isn’t any sign of improvement. I guess this is what serene natural beauty dos to you. Continue reading “Mauritius Trip- I”

Let us set some priorities. . .

I couldn’t have been more wrong, as I was in my last two posts. First yes, the Common Wealth Games are finally taking place as scheduled and that too in Delhi. Frankly speaking this is a surprise, a shock perhaps; I was not at all expecting it to happen, but keeping in mind our great capability of pulling of things at the last moment and of course the ever envious ‘Jugad’ technology which we have, anything is possible. Second the Babri Verdict is out and again it’s a big surprise for me, although a pleasant one. Lot of discussion and deliberation is going on the verdict and so many people are saying so many things; but I am not talking about it right now, it is about the CWG. Continue reading “Let us set some priorities. . .”