The Judgment Day!!!

As I write these words, the court and the nation are gearing up for one of the most anticipated verdict of modern Bharat. Sitting in Kenya and saying this is very easy for me, but I am sure most of people in Bharat knows and thinks, that it is no longer relevant what the judgment will be in the Ram Janam Bhoomi title suit. So many years have passed, so much have been said and done and people [read masses] have long lost the interest; 60 years is too much time to wait for any judgment. Continue reading “The Judgment Day!!!”

Rains, Games and Blames. . .

As I write this post, it is raining outside, and had it not been to these rains, I don’t think I would have ever written it. Its not that there is something exclusive to be written which I could have not improvised without the rains, but since the day I have started working I have completely become brain dead [guess this must explain the current inconsistency in writing, but will talk about that some other time]. Anyways, if you have followed the earlier posts, then you must be aware that I love rains, and as this year Delhi got more than plenty of its share, so I guess it is good enough reason to write another one, although not on or about rains, but with rains in it. Continue reading “Rains, Games and Blames. . .”

Happy Teacher’s Day. . .

I am almost 10 days late for this post; as my teachers in college always said, some are late but you are always latest, better late than never.

In everyone’s life teacher plays a very important role; am not just talking about the formal teachers we have had during our long course of studies but anyone and everyone who has at some point or other taught us something. So on this day of teacher’s day, let me thank all of them. Continue reading “Happy Teacher’s Day. . .”