Orkut is dead, Facebook is Dying!!!

I still remember the day when my friend was talking about some message he has put on some social networking site and how his school friends started commenting on it and it finally turned into a nice war of words, a battle of sexes. Apparently he was talking about orkut and I was not getting a single word he said. He sent me an invite and then I realized that I am already a user, just am not using it. That was in my graduation second year.

For long after that I never opened Orkut again, but then everyone in college was discussing about their Orkut accounts, asking others if they are on Orkut, sending invites stuff like that and it became a rage on the campus. Finally I gave in, and once you start there is no turning back. The initial messages from my friends were its ‘good to see you here’, ‘finally you joined’ and ‘you too joined it’ types. That felt as if without Orkut I was totally outcast.

Orkuting was like an addiction; checking scraps, looking at other’s profile, joining communities, forwarding messages etc. more you did it, more need you felt of doing it. It was funny as every profile read the same; little philosophical, little funny, everyone liked adventure sports, everybody was fun to hangout with, everybody was all same. Then of course the testimonials! All asked their friends to write a testi, and they all read the same as well. Began with the usual, ‘I am being forced to write it’ and ‘its all lie’ had the same content of ‘great guy or gal, funny, smart and intelligent followed some personal characteristic’ and the end was the same ‘love you and god bless you’. When one wrote it for you it was your turn to return the favour. After sometime it was boring and it was predictable. But still it was a means to be in touch.

Then one day, all of a sudden Facebook became a rage on my campus, just that it was MBA this time and not graduation. No one was on Orkut anymore. They were not updating profile, they were not uploading pictures, and they were not joining any communities. Already boring Orkut became more boring. It was time to move on and the beginning of a new era, that of Facebook.

FB [Facebook and not forex-banking, although my MBA friend can easily mistake FB for forex banking and not facebook, as we had a subject in final semester forex banking which is popularly called as FB, but I know them they won’t do it] was different. Different style of connecting, different style of expressing, you are not leaving scraps, but comments. Updating your status every hour, waiting for others to like it, comment on it, you can chat, share videos and pictures and ofcourse play games [games on Facebook are addictive; am sure you must have heard someone saying ‘yaar my dishes must be cooked I have to go and serve them’].

The final semester exams preparation virtually took place on facebook. Everyone was online whole day, updating status. Asking questions who all have started studying, and getting the same reply from everyone ‘haven’t started yet’. Then there were queries about important topics and what one can leave etc etc. The status became all the same and more predictable, how everyone will miss the college life and how they are nostalgic. And now after the exams they are either some hotshot saying or lyrics of some hotshot song. All I am saying, Orkut died long ago, although there are many who have still not made the transition from Orkut to Facebook, but Facebook is also dying just need some thing new to replace it.

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