The Day I was Plagiarized

In July 2008, our college gave us a simple assignment of management lessons from our ancient scriptures; I wrote about Ramayana. Although the assignment was never submitted but it got published here, as Management and Ramayana.  The post became popular and on Google it was once the top result. Continue reading “The Day I was Plagiarized”

2009 is going

The New Year eve is couple of days away and everyday the newspapers are filled with numerous ads all the discs, pubs, lounges in and around the city are coming up with various deals. Just a few days back me and a friend happened to stroll to a disc at the wee hours of night and enquired about the charges and stuff. The bouncer at the entrance told us in his baritone only couple entry, no stags. Continue reading “2009 is going”

Remember Remeber – History making November!!!

After the November of 2007 I had forgotten about the CAT; remember ‘Remember Remember the CAT November’? But this year all of sudden the month of November again reminded me about the CAT madness, primarily due to two reasons; one my brother appeared and this time it was online. Continue reading “Remember Remeber – History making November!!!”

Non issue of leak

After a long wait of 17 years, the Liberhan commission report is finally out. The commission was set on a mind boggling act of Babri Masjid demolition; it took mind boggling time of 17 years to be completed and it was anticipated to make some mind boggling revelations hence the way in which this mind boggling report could have come to light was undoubtedly mind boggling; it got leaked. Continue reading “Non issue of leak”