Diwali Spirit!

Diwali went by last week; one of the most auspicious festivals of India is over. In my earlier post last year on Diwali we talked about how this festival is different from others. It is on the final festival day that there is nothing much to do. Well you know not everyone is into playing flash or drinking. Moreover bursting crackers is losing its charm [thanks to various drives- no to crackers; save environment; stop child labor]. Then all the markets are closed so no shopping; you have met with all the friends during the gift distribution ceremony so no one to visit either [lets not get into details you can have a look here Diwali Day].

Still Diwali day is all fun and I love it; especially when after 6 -7 in the evening you find no traffic and have empty roads all for yourself. You know what, if you actually want to enjoy driving in Delhi, then Diwali night is to look for. Take my word for it; you will actually enjoy the otherwise horrifying experience. Wide empty roads, no one honking from behind, pleasant weather with the city lit up for festival and nothing much to do; what else could you ask for? Ideal condition for going on an enjoyable [for a change] long drive!

This Diwali however I got a new kind of experience. A friend of mine had to deliver Diwali gifts to some one his company have work with. His boss asked him to do so, and since the guy in question lives near to my place, so my friend asked me to come along. We went there [the guy was not at home] left the gifts with his wife, ate one almond, some sweet and left. Phew! That was hell of an experience.

I had never thought about people sending gifts to business associates through their juniors whom no one knows. This is such a strange practice, which have turned festival celebration in just another means of contact building and obliging people.

Moreover one wonders what to do with all the gifts you receive. They are same electronics, paintings, show pieces, cutlery sets, bowl set, bed sheet sets, box of dry fruits, sweets, chocolates. A huge pile of everything, most of which can’t be put to use; most of which have to be used within few days else it will be useless; Juggling these gifts by further gifting them! All is a tough task to complete. Strange, but I guess this is what Diwali signifies defeating your problems, winning over the difficulties and emerging victorious at the end. Perhaps this is the Diwali spirit.

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