Rise In Divorce Cases – What Is The Reason?

It is really sad to notice that the cases of divorce are raising high and the possibility of marriages reaching the stage of divorce is 50%. These include the marriages which couldn’t be saved.

The famous research psychologist Dr. John Gottman, has given a deep thought over the factor that impels a marriage for divorce. He has come up with the statement that he can predict about the marriages which will break with 94% accuracy percentage.

He states that the marriage cases reaching divorce, feature more negative aspects than the positive ones. He also states that to have a successful marriage ,one is required to have five times more positive than the negatives. I think the couples living together certainly deserve a round of applause for this!!!

It has been commonly observed that the basic behavioral aspect which gives call to fights, abuses and contempt often leads the couple to condemn each other’s personality. The common scene of a fight between a couple touches the height of anger when the husband protect himself from expressing his emotions. Such a behaviors is interpreted as a careless and irresponsible behaviors from the wife’ view point.

The final stage is when either of the two keeps the negative personality traits of his partner above the situation that gives a call for a marriage break off. The divorce cases may have N number of reasons behind but children are left to suffer. They are kept in a position to choose from one of their parents and thus end up ruining their innocence.

I hope I can soon write a post on increasing percentage of mutual understanding and trust in the couples rather than wasting my words on discussing such a negative issue.

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