Smoking Ban In Public Places – What After that?

Smoking is considered to be one of the biggest social evil. It is one such habit that not only affects the addicted but also those who stays nearby. Considering the ill-effects of smoking, the ministry of health and the department of family welfare passed a law banning the unsocial act of smoking inn public places. The law carried a ban against the cigarettes and all the other tobacco products that will make the smokers incapable of smoking anywhere they want.

What do you think? Is the law passed for ban on smoking at public places is still working? If the answer hasto be cut short then it is ‘no’. It has been stated that this law is passed under section 4 which if violated calls for a fine of 200rs that can be increased to 1000rs depending on the sensitivity of crime. It is sad to notice that a smoker doesn’t understand that he is not only challenging his life but is also putting at stake the live of hundreds and thousands passing by.

Also what can one do when the states lkie Bihar and Maharashtra has clearly stated the problem of obstructions in the execution of this law as the ratio of smoker dwelling in these areas are much higher than any other state? People here often go aggressive when they are charged and react violently when are caught while smoking at the public places. The authorities thus have given up the responsibility of making these states tobacco free.

Even after imposing strict laws against smoking at public places like hospitals, theaters, stadiums auditoriums, health centers, pubs, parks, malls hotels, , coffee houses, government offices, educational institutions, courts, libraries, roads, shopping centers, bus stops, airport lounges, railway stations, bars, etc. still the revenue from such fines are ever increasing.

Smoking is also considered to be a fashion statement and probably this is the reason why most of youngsters are found smoking at public places so as to flaunt their style and standard. The central health minister had made the statement that as per recent record almost 45000 people in US has given up smoking and he expects the same to happen in India.

I don’t find such laws working. I don’t deny the fact that they are helpful but they fail to implement due a number of reasons. Sometimes the law has to face the repulsion of citizens, or in many cases the authorities render least of care in its execution that will make the system sit helpless in eradicating such unsocial acts from the society.

All we can do is just wait for the system to get better.

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