Standing For the Right – Is It Injurious??

Moving in, with another question once again. You must be wondering that why do I have so much of complaints about the people those who do not stand for what is right? Well, the answer is not so tricky and comes your way simply when you will actually experience an occasion where you will seek someone to stand by your opinion but won’t find anyone doing so.

There are many such instances that I can quote in which I actually wanted to eliminate an unfair thing out of the scene but couldn’t do so as there were many people who didn’t find any need of doing so. I have seen people complaining at back and spending hours in chat about the drawbacks they face at their homes, workplaces, public places, constitutions everywhere, but they end up leaving no solutions to any of the problems discussed.

People want to show that they are well aware about what is happening around but need not to bother when they are required to stand for what is right and justified. Hats Off to the social critics!! Everyone knows what is right and just but their sense of acting against what is not acceptable goes flat.

Why is it so? Is it because people feel that if they will stand against the wrong idea of the powerful it will lead to any kind of harm to them? Does raising voice for what is right invite risk to one’s status or money? Well, if it so then why we often find people sitting in parks, bus stands, traveling always criticizing the wrong doers. and anticipates passing of strict laws Every person waits for the person standing next to react first and then wants to check how the scene turns to be. This delay for initial reaction takes away the whole situation from control.

Criticism is just a way of flaunting concern to social evils but taking responsible actions to provide a solution is something that you can’t expect from the critics.

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