Freedom – how do you weigh it???

Freedom is generally judged on two parameters mental as well physical freedom. Physical freedom is something which is now a day’s rested with everyone on this planet.

But the parameters of judging the level of mental freedom have not been recognized till date. In a country like India, physical freedom is something that can be related to the present scenario but as far as mental freedom is concerned there are still a number of flaws that are yet to be considered.

Not every individual can said to be free emotionally and mentally as there must be some inhibitions that can often question their thought process. Often an individual is seemed to be moving just the opposite way he feels like reacting which is simply due to some restrictions and bans applied on him.

These are due to the mental restrictions one faces. There may be many reasons that hinders in an individual’s act as per her mind set. These may be emotional, cultural, social as well behavioral restrictions.

Where does the meaning of freedom stand then? I’m not supporting here the idea to kill any person or damage someone’s property if your mind says so. But whenever your ideas are healthy and make you stand out of rest, why can’t they be implemented into actions juts because you have to consider your family, society or your behavior.

Whatever I’m trying to say can be summed up as under. Suppose you have witnessed going something wrong with a person and something against the social norms and attributes. I think in such a situation a majority of witnesses standing there do not feel the requirement of stepping ahead even if they feel like stepping ahead as they don’t find it concerned with their business. Even if someone tries to help such person he couldn’t follow his mind as major area of his mind set is pre occupied by the trend of reserved and practical society. What does freedom has to do with if it is not implemented to help someone. In short a person can only act freely if his mind is set in a free state.

With a right move inspired from a healthy and free mind set, benefits the society on a whole. Freedom is there to make able human kind live and act like humans who have brains and use them freely yon proper and serve humanity as long as they live.

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