Eve Teasing – On A Heavier Note

Many a times we come across debates on rapes and sexual assaults but an active debate on eve-teasing is something missing out of scene.

Let me tell you the reason for this. It is just for the reason that eve teasing is psychological believed to be patriarchal mindset of men. Many psychologists believe that eve teasing does not call for serious crimes like rape. It is just a part of fun and love that men carry out just to impress women. Also Men consider themselves as a stronger sex and do not feel bad in having some fun with eve teasing where on the other hand women is considered to be the weaker sex who is expected to feel vulnerable and helpless when misbehaved.

Though the trend of eve teasing is prevalent in every country and section of world but once you will make a Google search you will be shocked to discover that the results shown has 70% articles on eve teasing in India. The reason is just the Indian mind set and mentality.

Now considering the impact of this deadly evil on society and increase in the cases of eve teasing, the local authorities have decide to take a serious look into this problem. The increasing cases of eve teasing have also given a tremendous hike to the cases of woman murders and sexual harassment of those rejecting love of men.

A word like eve teasing is extinct from Indian dictionaries and it is something which earlier was not so prevalent here. In India eve teasing is looked at as sexual harassment of women at public places. Be it any woman, the one travelling by public transport like buses or trains or the one moving on her local street, she is now considered to be a personal property and every man considers his right to misbehave with her by passing comments or making objectionable physical attempts.

Also passing unsocial and shameful comments like sexual invitations or abusive language make her feel embarrassed and helpless in such instant occurring where she didn’t even held a hint about encountering such case.

The saddest part of the story is that the list of eve teasers does not hold just youngsters coming from school and colleges but it also include middle age men who are observed to much more shameful and reprehensible doing this.

As per recent surveys, an Indian woman gets sexually harassed in every 51 minutes and is molested even in lesser time than that estimated as 21 minutes.

Though some strict laws have been passed against this act and is included in constitution. But hardly any action is seen to be taken when such complaints are recorded. Eve teasing can be protected just by enlightening the youth about equality of genders and by punishing those who commit such a disgusting and disgraceful act.

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