The Perception About Beauty Is Now Distorted

Nature has bestowed everything to human being. Be it senses to think and act, mental ability to be an intellect, or a wonderful appearance which we describe as beauty..What is beauty??I’m not talking about something that gets developed inside but am talking about the physical appearance and outlook of a person.

I can easily make out whether a person looks beautiful or not. But is it possible for anyone to make out that the person looking beautiful is naturally that way?? Seems tough, isn’t it??

For me latest fashion and make ups trends are there to help one in enhancing features and adding a grace to one’s personality. But today with the introduction of numerous face lifting surgeries, looking glamorous and pretty is possible for everyone.

Often people imitate their favourite celebs to look like them. Earlier which was confined ti imitating the dressing and hair styles has now tempting people to g for a complete face plastic surgery just to look the similar way their dream celebs look.

Today it would be wrong to say that beauty is something God gifted. A person who has money can make every expensive attempt to look beautiful and appealing..I can hardly count on any star or celebrity who has never attempted such beauty surgeries or treatment to look totally opposite as to what they look naturally. some extent some must be feeling god that they look young at even their old years of life but who knows how much money it would have been bargained for. I’m not saying that I’m against this idea of practicing treatments like Rhinoplasty, anti aging surgeries, plastic surgeries, cosmetic surgeries till time they don’t come up with a side effect. But do you think it is convincing and pure form of looking pretty and beautiful.

Just few minutes of surgery and you can become the most amazing looking person in the world. Fake beauty must say..I find mother much prettier growing old with age naturally than my grandmother turning artificially young with skin and beauty treatments..

Beauty can be persevered with natural treatments also. Spending millions just to place a myth on your face is not something that calls for real and actual compliments..Represent what you naturally look like not what you actually want to look like..

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