Homosexuality Legalized –Recieved Promotion With A Legal Stamp

2nd July, was the biggest day of celebration for homosexuals in India…I skipped all my evening shows on television and was glued with the news channels telecasting the joy and celebration of all the homosexuals all over the country.

There was an open debate moving in favours and against. It was pretty sad to notice that people talking in favour were talking all about human liberation to live and freedom. Actress Celina Jethli favoured the idea of legalizing homo sexuality by saying that it is natural and one shouldn’t be stopped from living their lives as per their desires. She quoted a fact that almost 15000 animal species in this world are homos which shows that it is a natural phenomenon. The glam lady forgot to consider that we human are a superior race ,having sense of judging what’s right or wrong. She didn’t hesitate in equating human nature and instincts with animals just to present the idea that homosexuality is not wrong and it won’t affect society in long run.

She forgot to consider that this culture and so called ‘natural sense of being homosexual’ was no where prevalent few decades back. or should say was not so open and demanding at that time as it is now. Then what made it emerge in Indian society now? The fact is that Indian society got infected by this deadly disease from westerners only as viewing them being so open about the idea of presenting their desire for free sex relations, homos in India have also raised their voices for their rights.

Also they seem to be firm on the point that homosexuality cannot swallow up the heterosexuals in future. Great predictors must say!!…22% of Indian population is discovered to be homosexuals and this figure was not this high earlier. It was low and increased when heteros took up the homo lifestyles and the results can be seen… It was not intuitive or natural in India; it came up as a fashion now and is becoming an addiction.

Indian Judiciary is trying to imitate the UK and US human laws but they forgot to keep in notice that India is a land of ‘Avatars’ having a very traditional and pure culture. The day is no far when procreation will be recorded in diminishing percentages.

As per my opinion the idea of legalizing such immoral and disrespectful lifestyle and sexual activity among homos in India is definitely going to engulf the rest of population soon. Earlier who used to fear to be open about their homo sexual activities will be now free to move around and tempt the other heterosexuals to get engaged in their culture.

This law will bestow them a legal shelter to infect the other Indian culture and society. This is a sinful act if considered from religious viewpoint going against the law of nature. Passing such a law is going to make them open about marrying in same sex which in turn is going to challenge the progress of human race in future… No doubt there are voices against the law passed but everyone now seems to be skeptical about it being turned back.

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