Men And Women – Are They Equal???

There have been a number of discussions questioning on the equality of men and women. If this question would have been asked few decades back when woman was actually confined to the home management and were not allowed to express herself rightly, my answer would have been ‘No, they are not equal’. But today the way woman is living in this so called man’s world I can say that they both are equal. Without being biased I want to put forth certain points that will prove my point convincingly and I hope everyone will agree to them…

Some people still believe the notion that woman is weak and fragile as their decision in more or less based on her physical potentials and strengths. I pity on such people who are still lacking knowledge about the contribution of women in making this world complete and worth living. Today, there is no field left in which women have not participated and have not left her footprints behind. Be it any sector, any profession or art field, women is present everywhere to give a tough competition to men.

Woman is considered to be the second half of life who has important roles and has helped this world to grow and prosper. Women have excelled in every field and have proudly left her mark in every sector of society…We can find well renowned doctors, lawyers, engineers and list long of other professionals as women and doing a far better job than done by men in the same profession.

Many famous companies are efficiently managed and owned by female managers and their annual turnover is no less than those managed by male managers. Moving to the field of politics, government have taken all the possible steps in making women aware about their right to take part in running the country. The evidence can be seen in the form of female representatives who give a tough fight to the male representatives in the political field.

Entertainment business also relies on participation of women to touch great heights of success. The television series are seemed to focus on portraying women as successful career makers. It is hard to imagine a world without woman’s touch and presence and is further difficult to imagine its long term existence in its present progressive form.

She strongly possesses the right to be valued, respected, and admired for her contribution to the society and she should not be suppressed to confine herself to perform the household duties only. She should be given the opportunity to prove herself if she desires to contribute to the society and should come up with her rights to fulfill her dreams in life….Men should also help in her household activities and must support her in establishing a bright career. Government has introduced many rules to ensure absolute equality of men and women at workplaces.

I’m not aiming at accepting women as a supreme gender but yes, they deserve to get respected n the similar way in which the other gender i.e. men is respected and valued.


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