Who Will be the PM?

For quite some time now the media was speculating that Mr. Nitish Kumar will leave the NDA and go with the UPA. Although he himself kept on asserting that he is with the NDA, media remained unfazed. Congress was also trying to woo him by again and again praising his good work and calling him on his secular credentials. It was only after the NDA rally in Punjab where he and Mr. Modi alongwith other NDA Chief Ministers shared the same stage, that the two stopped. Continue reading “Who Will be the PM?”

Life after death

Is there a Life after Death??? May sound interesting to those who like the discussion on mysteries and often think about another world of existence. Well, many of us do not believe about continual existence of life after death as it is said that life ends with the discontinuation of one’s physical existence on this planet. If given a deep thought we can find it true and supportive with facts as how can a human being continue living after death if his physical presence is no more present. Continue reading “Life after death”


Equality means so many different things to different people. If one observes there are so many issues that come up with equality.What I want to talk about today is the basic fundamental idea of equality.Equality among human beings.The fact that all human beings are equal no matter what country they belong to , no matter what colour their skin is ,no matter what their religion ,caste or creed is.For so many years we have had seen white supremacy.Can we actually call a person superior because of the complexion of the skin he or she has?For many years the answer was yes.But now we see that people do not actually believe it to be like that.Barack H Obama being the president of the United States Of America says a lot about people’s mentality on the issue. Continue reading “A THOUGHT ON EQUALITY”