The Hijack Hue and Cry!!!

On 24th December 1999, Indian Airlines flight IC-814 was hijacked by Pakistani terrorists. After 8 days of suffering 3 dreaded terrorists were released in exchange of 166 hostages. Whenever the BJP talks about the UPA government’s failure in tackling terrorism and internal security, this ghost of Christmas past comes to haunt them.

Again and again the congress sights this incidence to highlight BJP’s failure on internal security plank. Continue reading “The Hijack Hue and Cry!!!”

Always smile; It increases your face value!!!

Always smile; it increases your face value! Every now and then I come across this phrase at various places; especially in form of poster on walls of friend’s rooms, doctor’s clinic, some teachers ‘chamber’, staff rooms and many more. Continue reading “Always smile; It increases your face value!!!”

HK-Initial Sighting!!!

In the HONG KONG airport, until we reached the immigration desk, I was wondering if we were actually there. It was more sort of a dream sequence; but as soon as the immigration officer asked us to wait in a separate room alongwith some other people of particular sect [young males, all alone, first time in HONG KONG and above all Indians; fitting the perfect profile of you know what] the dream run was over. Continue reading “HK-Initial Sighting!!!”