Outlander. . .

When I go to watch these Hollywood movies alongwith some friend [whom I always have to pursue till death to come] I pray to God it turns out to be a good one [so that I’ve readily available partner next time] but my prayers are seldom heard. And this week it is the second time they are rejected. If bedtime stories alone was not sufficient to satisfy never dying hunger of bad movies then this week’s ‘Outlander’ might just do the trick.

Well ‘Outlander’ is a big, boring, bewildering ballgame. Looking at the promos, I expected some good landscaped Vikings meet technology action saga. But all I got was a human warrior from outer space crashed in unknown lands, testing might of his weapons and then dropping them. A strange looking shining red coloured alien dragon like creature who is killing everyone around [reminds me of AVP; particularly Arnie’s predator more]. Then there are Vikings who are doing nothing except drinking and shouting. The Viking king in sword fight with his daughter on some marital arrangement issue [I thought she’ll chop him to pieces] and the would be Viking king.

There is initial misunderstanding about the presence of our outer space hero Kainnan, but very soon all is settled. Kainnan and all the Vikings are trying to kill the alien dragon and that is the crux of the story. Oh yes and there is another rival Viking group [they are rival because of some reason I don’t care about] and there is one small story on genocide and stuff. In the meanwhile the alien dragon just refuses to die, and then our hero tells them that they need better metal and not weapons to kill it. So from his crashed ship he brings superior quality metal and makes a Conan sword from it and kills the alien dragons [by this time there are two of them]. Finally he becomes the king, gets the girl and stays back on this planet only.

P.S. this review is as much crap, confusing, collection as the movie itself.

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