War a Solution ?

Almost a month has passed when , entire country witnessed the most severe and dramatic terrorist attacks in recent times . This time, pressure built in by media resulted in number of good events as Honorable  Home Minister Mr. Shivraj Patil[good for nothing] resigned , CP and DGP  Maharashtra face the heat, loopholes of lack of coordination  between IB, RAW [ both political spies, no one has time to work for country] went public and still one can listen new proceedings daily. The common man hopes, that this time some fixed solution to terrorism might occur and the reasons are right to some extent. News channels are continuously blowing air to keep the fire lighted. It was yesterday when I heard another of such effort , when a news channel gave a hint war can be way out of the world economic crisis . For such statement the channel gave a solid example from the past , the great depression of early 19th century was recovered by World War I .  Increase in military activities across the Indo-Pak border is no hidden secret and at this time such a statement can prove to be a boon ,not for countries involved but to the world .

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Section 49-O???

If you are of generation-x then you surely have an e-mail id, and 99.99% chances are you check it regularly for mails. Everytime we open the mail box there is bound to be atleast one SPAM [SPAM- Shit Posing As Mail; Stupid Pointless Annoying Message and many more like these]; but this post is not about SPAM. If you want to know anything more about SPAM then Google it. I did once when one of my marketing lecturers asked the official full form of spam in class and left saying will tell you next time. It was then I came to know about the complete history about the origination of word SPAM but no official full form as asked by him [probably that’s why his next class about SPAM never came]. Anyways let’s get back to e-mails!

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Mumbai Mayhem Phase III; The Aftermath!

One certain thing about the Mumbai Nariman House [home to a Jewish organization] terrorist attack, it was due to the hatred against Jews. It was not spontaneous killing, but a pre planned attack. Had the sole aim of terrorists was to kill Jews; they would have done it in any country with substantial Jewish population. With the Jew killing in India, various countries all of a sudden woke up to the idea of terrorist organizations operating from Pakistani soil. This is the first time that the US is directly pressurizing Pakistan to check the terrorist outfits operating from there. But then why the terrorist will do something that will cause problem to Pakistani government?

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boredom hates

recently i had researched something newabout nothing it might be confusing you cos its  nothin

boredom is spreadin all over the world its causes r becomin more harmaul than ever even cancer. soon by this disease human race can becom extinct with no traces of life on earth  its proven fact by scientists .boredom is spreadin fast between teen and even juniors ,old aged person tooooooooo. we need to take the action fast or earth else will be dominated in no time we must make a bundle of video games cartoons Pc and distribute them for free  plus  decrease the burden of studies and take some serious actions towards boredom.time has not been passed but thats the only problem. time is not passing and we r just gettin bore we must do something blogging is one of the things from that outing can also give great support .we should pledge that we will play games and fight against terror caused by this deadly killing disease called dead ly bore dom

by one of the special agent from the team fighting against terror caused by boredom   (dont leak the information)

Mumbai Mayhem Phase I & II

The recent Mumbai terrorist attack was by any means one of the worst which we have faced. All the dead and injured tells the complete story of the attack. The whole world saw the 3 day encounter live on their televisions. The entire country mourned as the security personnel bravely fought. A lot of talking is currently on about the incident. Lots of blame games are played and too many conclusions are been drawn. But one thing which everyone agrees to, it was a total failure on our part. Yes it was and it still is.

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Day Earth Stood Still. . .

One after another they make remakes of classics, and in the never ending line the latest edition is ‘The day the earth stood still’ remake of a 1951 classic of same title. There is one problem with these remakes in general, they lack the current fiz. Some 50 years back the movie was wonderful, but why should we watch a 50 year old movie with new star cast and nothing else. It’s better to watch the classic, instead of the remake if it is not served with the present flavours.

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Outta Big Boss!!!

When you do something for a very long time you become immune to it. This is what happens with all the students [atleast it happened with me]. After giving exams for some what 15 years, I got used to them. I stopped worrying about them, I stopped thinking about them. The date-sheets lost their meaning; they lost the zeal and became a routine.

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