Poor CM!!!

The city which was long ago labeled unsafe for women [by media], which recently saw serial blasts has witnessed another murder and this time of a journalist in broad [not day] night light. Not good for the image of national capital which these journalists have long being calling as crime capital. We will talk about that later, but first about our beloved CM.

Mrs. Sheila Dixit, our CM made a statement after this sad incidence. She talked about being intelligent and not to venture out late at night. I don’t know her exact statement but it was something about not being adventurous blah blah blah. Well she drew huge amount of criticism for this statement from media as well as from the PM in waiting Mr. Advani. He said, “It seems something has radically gone wrong with people in authority to make such outrageous statements”.

To be very honest I personally didn’t found anything wrong with what madam CM said. Keeping all the prejudice aside and thinking rationally, practically there is nothing wrong in what she said. Although being a state CM she should not have said this in the media [she should have been politically correct and avoided speaking the truth, but that is another thing].

This is unusual for me [praising congress or its leaders] but the CM gave a good piece of advice to everyone. Nights are meant to stay home. Night is not the time to roam in a company garden. Civilized people don’t do it, and those who do it are not counted as civilized. It is not for no reason that parents don’t allow their children out late night, and this is from times before the crime capital showed its dark side.

Agreed that the times have changed and more often than not people have to get out of their homes at night due to many reasons. The urban gypsy enjoys the night life, many works in these odd hours and some chill around. The urban legend is woven around these late hours and hence they are required to be safe. The fact that the victim was coming back from work and not from a drunk night out with pals, makes it more dreadful. But still criticizing the CM for speaking her opinion [which in a way is an admission by the authorities that streets are not safe] is a little too much. Let us not eat her life up for giving a sane advice [although giving advice is not her job].       

No hard feelings Mrs. Dixit these all are political adversaries or some other self claimed voice of the society, with only one job of criticizing. They can never be responsible enough to do something or even care to do something, because this is not their job, but authority’s.

Oh yes and about the crime capital tag of Delhi, will definitely talk about it very soon.

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