The Mummy. . .

The first mummy movie was a new experience, which alongwith action; adventure also provided the spine chilling moments of fear. The second instalment [which in very exceptional cases beats the first one] was definitely far below the previous one, but still was fun to watch. But the third in the series is definitely a big let down to a great start. It is still the same clay and sand movie, The same hunger for the power, same love triangle, same undead armies, same guarding clan and off course if it is Chinese then the point to talk about is definitely immortality [God knows what is Hollywood’s obsession with China and the immortality pill].

Well to begin with the story, definitely nothing in it. a cursed dragon emperor with spell casted on him and his entire army. Fast forward to the modern world, for a change it is found this time not by Rick O’Connel, but his son Alex, the badies trying to awake him from the undead to rule the world and obviously the responsibility to save the world is on the shoulders of our old Mummy Slayer hero, alongwith his lady love Evy, her brother Jonathan, their son Alex and two immortal women as addition to the package.

About the messed up cast, why they replaced Rachel Weisz? I don’t know, but if they had to then atleast find someone to fit in her shoes. Maria Bello is a little too happy to be in the movie and the character has been totally destroyed by her. Then the young son Alex played by an actor 27 years old, who is looking older than his father. Please find some good and appropriate actors for appropriate roles. One definitely misses a main stay of the movie, Ardeth Bay played by Oded Fehr, but you can not bring him from Egypt to China.

Well it is supposed to be an action movie and yes it is an action flick. The clay and sand army confronting another skeleton army, Chinese jumping and kicking with some good special effects provides enough action. The Himalayan touch, firing in the snow clad mountains with Yeti’s for the aid is a new addition.

Honestly speaking the movie is avoidable at all costs. If you have not watched The Dark knight yet, then go for it and if you already have, even then go for it.

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